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Ghost Town History

A.E. Fisher bought this Del Bonita ghost town property in 1912 when the last of the land was opened up by the government.  The Homestead House was built on-site and a building brought with them was used as the barn.  


They then built the Red and White Store which sold items like hardware and general goods and had Redhead Gasoline.

Red & White store

They then outgrew the little store and needed more room so in the late 1920's they built the New Fischer Store, which later was known as John's Hardware. 

Del Bonita Ghost Town

Here is what the house on the far left, Hardware Store and Whiskey Gap Oil Shed looked like when it was bought in 1998.

Little Ghost Town

Stores in 2017

They then sold the property to the Secretan's who worked in Whiskey Gap and moved the Oil Shed (blue building now used as a museum) and Huey Gum Restaurant Pool Hall and Rooms.

Miniature Museum

Inside of Whiskey Gap Oil Shed

The oil shed is believed to have been built in the 1890's and the Inn in 1920's.

Huey Gum Inn Whiskey Gap