Welcome Miniaturists!

Joanne McLeay

I have been involved with the miniature community for many years and love to share and inspire others to create their own mini world!  Years ago miniaturists would have to join clubs, attend shows or sign up for classes at dollhouse stores to be able to share in our passion.  Today it is wonderful that we can share ideas and creations online and be thousands of miles from each other!  

Since I have been involved making and collecting miniatures I have noticed some supplies are hard to find, even online. Since we work with many mediums like leather, polymer clay, wood and metal I decided to start this site to make it convenient for the DIY miniaturist to order from one location.  I also wanted to share in my miniature knowledge that I have acquired over the years so how-to blogs and videos will be added soon!

As a crafter I have found that re-purposing is a bonus with miniatures, always looking at some part or packaging item to see if you can use it for a mini DIY!

In my house 'are we keeping this?' is a common question, just in case it was being kept for my miniature making stash.  Egg cartons used for flagstones, styrofoam used for landscaping bases, orange juice cans as skirted tables - all reasons to look keep more stuff; ever-expanding my craft room!